The 7th Central Sun of the 7th Galaxy – Returns…..

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Judith Kusel


The Gateways Open Up…..2015

For so long humanity has stood in front of closed cosmic gateways, doors….  Gateways and doors that had closed in their faces by their own making – mostly by not adhering to the Law of One, and then truly separating themselves from the Greater Cosmic Order and Whole.

For many millions of years this planet was thus put under quarantine law, and this was put into place mainly so that the earthly war, as constant as they were at the time, would not spill over into the rest of solar system, and blow it out of orbit, as what happened when the planet between Mars and Jupiter blew itself up billions of years ago.

All those incarnating upon this planet had at one stage signed a contract with the Galactic Federation, that they would partake in an experiment – essentially an experiment about how other life…

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300 + Mind Expanding Documentaries

Reiki Dublin, for the mind, body & soul...

mind expanding documentaries

I came across this list of documentaries. I just found it fascinating and I could not resist to share it with all of you!

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Working on the Dream…

For the past few weeks or so I have immersed myself deeply in working on the dream, my dream, dreaming the infinite, learning about many new things: healing modalities, detoxing, crystals, WordPress, html, video blogging… (so many facets to the ever expanding infinite heart) and organizing my thoughts as much as possible around Angelic Concepts, Infinity Angel, and the Ascension Heart.

A big part of the dream is Angelic Concepts which actually came into being through my working with a very thoughtful author from Nigeria, Adamu Donald. Angelic Concepts is focused on providing food for thought for the spiritual traveler, for the edification of the infinite soul.

The first 2 chapters of Donald’s first book, Returning Home Beyond the Slavery of Religion, can now be read on the web at Angelic Concepts. While there, you may also discover more about the author, his first book Returning Home, and his 2nd  book Under The African Sky – A Collection of Short Stories. The Introduction, and Forward to Returning Home can be read there as well as The Reward of Kindness, the first of 6 stories from the storybook.

Returning Home is now available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, (see links below) and on the Angelic Concepts website.


Reviewers for the book are welcome so if you are interested in receiving a free PDF copy of Returning Home for reading and reviewing the book, please leave a comment below or send me an email.

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I Have A Dream … The Infinite You

“I Have a Dream…” a very powerful quote from the speech given by Martin Luther King in 1963 speaking about freedom, it changed the conventional thinking and behavior of a nation. He is not the only one to have a dream.

Here are a few more other powerful dreamers of note for you to consider:

Mahatma Gandhi – had a dream of a free India… freed from the last vestiges of colonialism

John F. Kennedy – had a dream of humans walking on the moon…
(One of my favorite dreams also…)

Desmond Tutu – like MLK, he had a dream of ending apartheid, segregation in his nation… eventually became president of a government that had imprisoned him.

You – Yes, You! You do have a dream don’t you?

Now then, your dream(s) may not be as grand or as worldly as the powerful dreamers mentioned before you above, but I am here to tell you that you are a powerful dreamer also. Having this knowledge of yourself as a powerful dreamer is not enough however. Knowledge is power only when you align yourself with what you know and are willing to put what you know into action, when you work to make it manifest.

There are many paths you can take in realizing, i.e. manifesting your dreams. The first step and the most important one you can take is to accept this – you are a powerful creator with infinite potential. In this regard, knowing yourself becomes paramount to your success.

When you get to know yourself, you soon realize your dreams are your true calling. Set yourself free, dare to dream… ( make your dreams a reality.

Here is a dream I am working on:

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Dreaming In the Infinite

Do you ever think about your dreams when you were young? Do you remember how you looked into the future, seeing how you wanted to live, what you wanted to do, who you wanted to be?

As a child growing up I had a very big dream for my “self”, I wanted to be an astronaut. I had dreams and visions of flying (I somehow grew wings or just flapped my arms the right way…), of someday walking on the moon, and I thought for sure that humans would be living on Mars by the mid 1980’s. When I was in 6th grade, I drew diagrams and pictures of domed cities on the red planet, and I would explain to my classmates (and teachers) what it would be like living there.

Oh well, that didn’t happen. Sure, I’ve traveled on airplanes, and I’ve also jumped from low bridges into the river below, sort of like flying at least for a few seconds in freefall anyway, but I don’t know if I’m ever going to get to the moon.

There is a lot to be said for the dreams and visions, for the imaginations of a child. Remember what that felt like?

As a child I also had dreams of someday being a doctor, a brain surgeon perhaps. What can I say, that also didn’t happen but I did study Chemistry and earn a Bachelors’ degree in science.

It’s kind of funny how dreams work out, not exactly as you see them, but somehow as they are meant to be, to lead you, to teach you, to help you realize the true expression of your “self”.

The point is that inside of every being the ability to dream is always there, the ability to create a life that is fulfilling and lived “well” and experienced to its fullest in you …

Dream big… realize the infinite in you… (this is my vision for you…)

Yes – It Will Be A Good Day

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Balancing The 7 Chakras


Beginning each day with a simple meditation is an excellent way to energize the body, mind and spirit and create a balanced state of being.

Here are 2 short guided meditations I use from time to time, and you can also use today to balance your Chakras and assist you in your well-being:

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The Serendipity of Allowing – A Personal Perspective


Some people blame it on fate, others may say it is luck (good or bad), you can blame it on karma if you like – karma is like a cat (meow…), it doesn’t care (there is neither good nor bad karma, karma just is) … blame it on whatever …

When you take the time to get quiet in your mind and to really think about it, when you open your heart to the infinite wave inside of you and listen, your heart will honestly tell you it is not fate, it is not luck, it is not karma that determines the direction and state of your well- (or not so well) being…

Here is something to think about…


“So as an individual desires, thus does it become, for as the person’s desire is, so does the will reside and the will thus proceeds into deeds, and the reality shapes itself upon the desire, the will, and the deeds. And in those things we do, we find the world reflecting back upon us the rewards for the things we have done, the thoughts we have thought, and the dreams we have dreamt. And in these worldly things we desire, the world may come to exist as a prison of our souls, not the awakening into peace, into heaven where our soul longs to be. For whatsoever a man sows, thus shall he reap… ”

The rewards (or consequences) of any of our endeavors proceeds out of the energy we put into it…

We might say that events (blessings or dis-eases) occur because we “allow” them to happen either directly (consciously) or indirectly (subconsciously) through our desire(s).

This is where intent and the letting go of expectations come into play. I hinted at this indirectly in a previous post a few days ago … “Introduction to Reiki Practice”. Reiki healing practice always begins with a prayer, an invocation, a setting of intentions. Once you have set your intent however, there is a second important step to take – just allow it to be, i.e. let it go… breathe in … breathe out …

So how exactly does this ‘allowing” manifest? Well, there is an interesting side-kick that travels along this healing path with me… I call it Serendipity …

My blogging here is an example of this sometimes “odd-ball” companion to allowing…

When I first started practicing Reiki, I looked at it only as a healing of my ‘ascension heart’.  As I evolved in my practice, I knew in 2010 that I wanted, i.e. I had a desire, to share my healing experience and practice with others who might be looking to improve in their state of “being”. I could not have predicted the journey to flow as it has into the creation of this blog (Ascension Heart)… the creation of Angelic Concepts (writing/editing/publishing), the creating of Infinity Angel Healing Pathways

Serendipity in motion…  (condensed version)

In the spring of 2011, quite out of the blue, I received an email from a friend of mine … a high-school friend whom I had lost contact with some 28 years before. This is kind of odd I thought… hmm…  I called him up … this is really “kewl” I thought …

Anyway…, back in the day my friend and I had played music together … something I have always enjoyed (I started playing guitar when I was 12 years old), something we both enjoyed and had pursued together as a creative enterprise…  I won’t go into the whole story here but we were doing really well… not only in playing music, but also exploring our creativity in writing songs …

Fast forward a bit to 2012 – after a series of additional “serendipitous” events, I left Colorado and traveled east to continue exploring the possibilities with a rediscovered dream…

More serendipity on the way…

In December of 2012 I was introduce to a young writer from Nigeria, Adumu Donald … I worked with Donald through 2013 and we finally finished working on his 2 books in March of 2014, thus Angelic Concepts was born…

But Serendipity didn’t stop there … it has continued to show up in unexpected ways… the 30 Day Book Marketing Challenge, this 31 Day Blogging Bootcamp, … and the journey of discovery and healing continues, I can only wonder what is next… I can hardly wait to find out what allowing and serendipity have in mind … (the future is wide open…)

Do you have a serendipity story? I would love to hear about it…
(comment below or email me)

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