The 7th Central Sun of the 7th Galaxy – Returns…..

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Judith Kusel


The Gateways Open Up…..2015

For so long humanity has stood in front of closed cosmic gateways, doors….  Gateways and doors that had closed in their faces by their own making – mostly by not adhering to the Law of One, and then truly separating themselves from the Greater Cosmic Order and Whole.

For many millions of years this planet was thus put under quarantine law, and this was put into place mainly so that the earthly war, as constant as they were at the time, would not spill over into the rest of solar system, and blow it out of orbit, as what happened when the planet between Mars and Jupiter blew itself up billions of years ago.

All those incarnating upon this planet had at one stage signed a contract with the Galactic Federation, that they would partake in an experiment – essentially an experiment about how other life…

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300 + Mind Expanding Documentaries

Reiki Dublin, for the mind, body & soul...

mind expanding documentaries

I came across this list of documentaries. I just found it fascinating and I could not resist to share it with all of you!

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